An online MBA student experience

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I’m Eddie bro say I’m deputy general
manager the holiday in London come the
look I was looking for personal
development but maybe more on the
technical side I felt needed a bit of
support more experiences in financial
aspects maybe strategy more strategic
step and of course I couldn’t take time
off work the glee online MBA actually
came to me through social media I got in
touch so it does work I think it’s just
combination of one of the top Swiss
institution an MBA and the online
actually doing an MBA not online or not
at the same time and working because one
fits the other so we get experience on
the job that fits the NBA and an India
we learn kinds of things read we read
discussions that we learn from each
other and then we fit this back into the
workplace and it’s constant it just it’s
very lively and I don’t even think I
could have done it earlier in my career
it just came just at the right time
of course you have to squeeze everything
in one personal life personal commitment
mba and work life you have to have a
very understanding and supportive family
life because they don’t always
understand why you studying on weekends
and you have to do your report but they
get there and it’s yeah they have to be
patient it’s as I says challenging but
it’s it fits
so 2012 form a should be a big here I
hope first we have the Queen’s Jubilee
so a bit of emotion we have the olympics
in london so should be intense and fun
and in december i hope to graduate in
switzerland and that would be nice to
meet all the guys that we’ve been
talking to an unbroken two years 20
something years so I feel I really no
well so be a funny thing to do very
interesting i look forward to it

Recipe Silky Chocolate Pay

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share with you three tips for your
their website on the school’s website
when you when you define your career
vision think about both your short-term
goals and your long-term goals and you
should also you should also think about
developing two different paths for your
short-term goals in case your original
short term goals proves to be
challenging so two different paths that
would lead you to the same long-term
goal so my second tip is to showcase
your strong communication skills class
participation counts for 50% of the
grade at Harvard Business School and the
case method is the signature teaching
method at HBS and this means that you
really need to come in showing strong
communication skills you could be
cold-called at the beginning of class by
your professor to introduce the case
that you’ve just read and you will
certainly be expected to join debates
taking place in your class so in your
application think about highlighting any
public speaking experience that you have
or debate experience that you have and
certainly communication skills in


Online MBA Sample Lectures

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he’s to share two hundred and seventy
thousand dollars worth of mining costs
our task is to decide how much goes to
each could you say 135 135 maybe she has
a wonderful 20 minute short vignette
that you’re gonna be watching called the
story of stuff there’s a link to it
right here and it’s also going to be
linked in your readings what an e letter
talks about is that we’ve got this old
way the old industrial way of making
things that involves extracting natural
resources producing them in dirty
factories distributing them as big upon
the sarbanes-oxley Act was an important
first step toward creating a more
responsible accounting profession what
do you think now true it’s a little bit
better still something is missing
something is missing this is an opinion
so it’s good we’re getting better we’ve
got an opinion attached to it but it’s
still not boiled down to just basically
five over three right five over three so
let me start with that so I have five
over three now my ex is I would multiply
these first and then and then reduce
that’s easier to do so x squared times X
in the numerator is X to the third if go
to financial you’re going to get as much
in financial information as you could
possibly get remember this is a resource
available to all Fox students so if you
perhaps might need this for a course
let’s say financial analysis you can use
this information and it’s going to save
you a lot of time researching through

Why an MBA and Why Online

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if you’re thinking about getting an MBA
you’re probably already thinking about
how do I see the big picture of
organizations as opposed to silos and
functional areas the MBA degree is
really the best degree for someone who
wants to see the big picture of
organizations and how different parts of
the organization can work together there
are other degree programs that
specialize in functional areas whereas
the MBA tends to take a bigger picture
approach to what you learn and that’s
helpful for someone who would like to
have the strategic lens on the
organization the MBA degree has been
around for a long time over a century
and when it first started we were in the
Industrial Age and the topics were very
different than what you would see now
and so you’ll see a much fresher
curriculum a much fresher approach to
the learning process
then when the MBA degree first started
but the MBA degree is one of the most
widely recognized graduate degrees out
there there’s a recognition of what that
means in the marketplace that sometimes
you don’t get with other degrees but the
updating of the curriculum is really
important for students because we want
our students to be ready to not only be
active players in the workforce but to
be able to advance their career and that
big picture perspective of an MBA helps
people do that a lot of people who come
into an MBA program might have an
undergraduate degree in the sciences or
in a particular area of training and
have worked their way up partway through
the corporate ladder but haven’t been
trained in management skills and
leadership skills and an MBA helps to
offer that perspective a lot of students
wonder what it’s like to get an online
MBA maybe it’s the first time in an
online learning environment and there
are a few key similarities and a few key
differences between an online versus an
in-person MBA program some of the key
similarities is that it’s a rigorous
program it’s real classes real
professors real cohorts of students
working together in the learning
environment and a lot of the same
faculty members that teach in our
resident programs also teaching the
online environment one of the key
differences is that students have a lot
more flexibility in the online
environment both in terms of when to
schedule the courses but also when to
get the work done for those courses so a
lot of folks who are choosing the online
MBA work full time have very busy lives
and it’s often a question of when can I
fit a degree into this already very busy
lifestyle and so as we work through the
redesign process with our online MBA
program this is one of the key
components is understanding the need for
flexibility and this allows students to
choose not only the what of their
education but also the where of their
education and the when of their
education which is a huge advantage for
the student who has an already very busy

Harvard University MBA online degree

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hello i’m brian tracy over the past 30
years i’ve written more than 70 books
and produced more than 800 audio and
video learning programs on personal
development and personal success and
i’ve trained people in more than 72
countries so i have a question for you
if you could get a harvard mba for $1000
would you do it of course you would
what about $100 well you’d be crazy to
say no in the next two minutes I’m going
to show you exactly how to get this
level of knowledge for only $100 harvey
mackay who wrote the blockbuster Percel
and business development book swim with
the sharks without being eaten alive has
packaged his entire life’s intellectual
property into a phenomenal online
university just for you and me now I’ve
been a fan of Harvey Mackay for many
years he and I worked together and spoke
it on the same stage and spent a lot of
time together he’s just is a great guy I
had dinner with him very recently in
fact when his number one New York Times
best-selling book swim with the sharks
without being eaten alive came out it
became the Bible of personal success and
it still is today I

How to score 760 in GMAT

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hi I’m Donna Kakuta and I’m going to
Harvard Business School in the fall of
2017 this video is all about how I
scored a 760 in my GMAT and how you can
do the same thing let’s talk about the
basics of GMAT first as some of you
might already know a GMAT score is valid
for five years it’s a test that’s about
four hours long and consists of four
sections the AWA or analytical writing
assessment which is 30 minutes
integrated reasoning which is again 30
minutes and a quantum verbal section the
verbal and quantitative sections have 41
and 37 questions each in here given 75
minutes next I’m gonna talk about
strategies specific to the content of
GMAT and then strategies for the exam
taking now when it comes to books I
found that the official GMAT books on
the verbal and quandra – to be the most
useful when it comes to answering
questions make sure you don’t get two
consecutive questions wrong so if you
think you got one wrong make sure you
spend some time on the next one to get
it right also focus more on the first
few questions and the last few questions
now let’s talk about the verbal section
make sure you pay attention to each word
because the answer choices are quite
close and each word is important and
therefore a reason when it comes to the
reading comprehension make sure that you
make notes while reading it it helps you
remember it surprisingly well let’s go
to the quant section next when it comes
to data sufficiency questions you need
to pay attention to the question the
question generally asks for whether
there is a solution or not you don’t
need to waste time finding the exact
number or solution and try to solve it
all you need to know is whether you can
find a solution when it comes to Kwan
again you need to be careful about the
wording pay special attention to each
and every word because the questions are
tricky and not really difficult as long
as you read it well you will know what
you’re solving for now let’s talk about
exam taking strategy
so if you are planning to do an MBA or
pursue an MBA I would recommend getting
the GMAT out of the way by that I mean
an MBA takes about two to twelve months
of planning and getting the GMAT done
gives you one less thing to worry about
I would also budget for writing it twice
when I recommended writing the two tests
I forgot to mention that I wrote it
twice the first time I scored a seven
hundred and ten and then the second time
seven sixty I do need to mention I was
much more relaxed this time and I took
it as a bonus test instead of putting
pressure on me about how important the
score is to get into the school of my
I think being relaxed really helped also
give your diagnostic tests and expect
about a fifty point jump or sixty point
jump that’s what happened for me when I
started with the diagnostic test plan
about six to 12 weeks to study for the
exam and one thing that I recommend
doing is booking the exam in advance
that way you can’t push the studying bit
and you will make sure you study this
really works for me I hope you find this
video helpful if you have comments and
suggestions for content please let me
know thank you for watching

How to get into Harvard Business School

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hi I’m Tanaka Gupta and I’m going to
Harvard Business School in the fall of
2017 and this video is all about five
tips to get into the school of your
choice for an MBA so let’s get started
number one is deciding whether an MBA is
the right pick for you so I would
recommend watching this video right here
that I’ve linked or I would put it in
the description box below
number two writing the GMAT I made
another video on GMAT tips which you can
find here number three
picking your schools now I pick three
schools it is recommended to do about
three to at max five applications at
once because it’s an intensive process I
picked three different schools and I
recommend picking schools where you can
sort of spread your odds pick schools
with different acceptance rates so I
picked Harvard Business School MIT and
Yale to spread my odds of getting it I
did get into all three which I was
really happy about now when you pick
these schools make sure you pick
something that matches who you are as a
person for example I did my undergrad in
engineering which is why MIT was one of
my top picks number four deciding on
your references now you need at least
two references on average for an MBA
application start thinking about it from
when you decide that you want to pursue
an MBA start thinking about who would be
the person who knows you the best who
could make the most impact in your
application and express who you are and
how you contribute
it could be someone you’ve worked for it
could be a mentor but make sure you
start thinking about how it would all
add up towards your application and
portray who you are number five essays
now this is your chance of expressing
yourself think about how you would
contribute at an MBA school
what is this unique thing that you bring
to the school so these are the things
you want to shape your application
around and really bring together the
entire package in a way that at all
points towards
one single thing there should be
something memorable to your application
for example I got into Harvard Business
School my application was catered
towards my experience in oil sands in
Canada and how I contributed to the
industry what were my contributions in
terms of technology with my computer
engineering background and my references
were people who knew me well one my
mentor and another who had worked for I
hope you found this video useful and
this helps you in applying to your
school of choice let me know if there’s
other content you would like to see take
care bye bye

Second Year Wharton MBA Students

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warden really exceeded a lot of my
expectations over the last year I came
here wanting to get a great career and
great relationships and I got both of
those but I also got executive coaching
and personal development I also got you
know exposure to so many things that I
wasn’t expecting coming to a place like
Wharton you have incredibly high
expectations not only on the people that
you’re going to meet but on the
academics on the extracurriculars you
know different ventures it’s been
fantastic every day the classmates that
I sit next to or the professors that I
have discussions with I am inspired last
night I had the opportunity to have
dinner with Andre Agassi and talk about
his foundation and the work that he’s
done with charter schools that’s
there’s absolutely something here for
everybody I think part of that is just
the size of the community we have
approximately 850 people per class
really allows you the opportunity to
explore all different types of things
but still have that common bond of
Wharton I was elected co-president of
out for biz which is Wharton’s LGBTQ
Club and it’s one of the largest clubs
we have on campus and I’m also cal
captain the rugby team so we have 100
women on campus who are getting the
other every week playing touch rugby I
traveled to China as part of a class for
a global immersion program so we
actually took classes for a quarter
learned about the economy learned about
some companies and things that were
changing in China and then at the end of
that we actually went and visited for
two weeks it was just a fantastic
experience traveling with 30 of my
classmates doing touristy things but
also visiting with companies and
learning about the economy Wharton
really put together an incredible
combination of bringing firms in Chicago
that I wanted to recruit at and helping
me prepare for the recruiting process
and then it helped me be successful in
getting an internship and turning that
into a full-time job
I’m not per to natee to work with CNBC
over the summer and
it was really gratifying to be able to
take key learnings from a case I studied
in school and actually meet with these
firms in Business News interview
business leaders and apply learnings
from the classroom to real life to make
an impact to my audience people know
what worden is they know what it means
to have gone to war they know what it
means from a academic perspective but
they also know what it means from a
character perspective I joined McKinsey
last summer
and you joined the the summer retreat
you get to see that from the two hundred
and fifty students MBA students that
were there more than 50 were Wharton
only which is far more than any other
school out there and bringing a new
confidence that I now feel like I’ve
been through this experience I’ve had
all these opportunities thrown at me and
I’ve been able to come make sense of
them in a way that makes sense for me
personally and I’ve done it alongside
some of the brightest people in the
world importance given me the tools and
the confidence and really the enthusiasm
to go back in the world and say all
right what’s next I can do this what’s
next and that’s exciting

A Week in the Life of a Stanford MBA Student

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What’s up everyone, headed to school.
Good morning.
I’m being reminded of the honor given to me to be studying here.
So I am here at the Stanford Design School.
 What are your thoughts about that locally?
Okay, so let’s start.
GSB in one word, what do you think?
 Great advice.
 It’s lunchtime.
 Hey, what’s up, everyone?
 Good, good, good, and you?
 What percentage of your capability as a human being you feel you are able to bring
to that job?
Mine’s cool, look at this place.
We are making our own virtual reality headsets.
Keep going.
 I don’t know about you, but I love palm trees.
 And our guest today is Reese Witherspoon.
 Change the world one step at a time.
 What are you talking about?
Temporary non-calls.
Small group dinners
 For the past year you’ve walked everyday past the cornerstone of the GSB
campus that states that we as a school are dedicated to the things that haven’t
happened yet.
And to the people who are about to dream them out.
You can do anything.
Do what you really want to do.
 Here at the GSB, you have committed yourself to becoming principled and
insightful leaders.
Determined not only to change organizations,
but to change lives and change the world.
 Like this, 360 days out of 365.

The Insights We Need to Educate Leaders

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the laboratory business historians
economists fuel-based researchers action
researchers what I do is called action
research I engage closely with
organizations work with the managers and
the leaders to introduce new ideas for
the last six years I have been working
with up to a hundred different
healthcare institutions around the world
the principal goal is really to lower
the cost of healthcare we can show the
doctors the cost of doing a complete
medical treatment and then they start to
see opportunities to lower the cost you
collect very detailed information for
many many firms you immerse yourself in
the data and you strive discovering
something that has not been discovered
before that could change the way
organizations run we have data on
donated I see use in India and we are
seeing that places that are better
lower mortality rates and so I’m trying
to help lower mortality rate by teaching
Chiefs of Labor units how to be better
managers my research interest stemmed
from my own experience growing up the
way we came to this country is by my
father’s efforts with a multinational
firm first in India than in Hongkong
then in New Jersey
and so I’ve always thought of myself as
in some sense a product of the global
reach of these companies I think my own
father’s experience in those
organizations made me think hard about
how they work and how they contribute to
the world recently there’s been a rash
of US companies trying to merge with
foreign companies as a way to leave the
United States they’re doing it largely
for tax reasons my research is really
about understanding how we can fix the
system so that they don’t have the
perverse incentives to do those things
I’m a curious behavioral scientist who
studies the psychology that drives our
decisions probably about half of the
research Franchesca naidu ends up being
conducted in a laboratory we’re trying
in a lab to think about how do people
work what are the triggers that will
make people feel happy you make people
feel sad francesca and i have been doing
this research on rituals for probably
five or six years now we looked at how
people experience consuming food
differently depending on whether they
engage in a ritual versus not some
people might say what does this have to
do with business little ritual to
predict team performance a manager who
has employees who aren’t happy or who
are struggling can actually institute
rituals to improve morale on the team
and improve performance in the workplace
all the Business School is like the
Beatles we write all of our own material
and that gives us a degree of intimacy
and familiarity with the material that
no other faculty of engineering school
can have the case method by which we
teach is also a way in which we conduct
research because we have that
distinctive way of teaching
we also are constantly out there writing
documents trying to understand and
analyze and teach about what’s going on
in reality
you start with whatever intellectual
question you’re fascinated by but it one
case was Stefan Tom Kane who is internet
technology and operations management
area we knew that there had been an
extraordinary turnaround at Lego the
company had gone from the brink of
bankruptcy to being the most successful
toy company in the world how do you do
that in a short period of time the CEO
of Lego what’s extraordinary generous
told us to come over to Denmark we spent
a couple days interviewing the
management team trying to understand
what had really enabled the turnaround
the company the factory itself was an
extraordinary thing it was like being
inside what we want this factory I kept
looking for the oompa-loompas we used
the case of Lego our core strategy
course to understand why a company has
begun to fail and what you must do in
order to put in place a firm foundation
for the company and then grow it over
time while students kind of think about
us says hey they’re about impacting me
in a reality we’re about impacting you
we’re about impacting our scholarly
community we’re about impacting the
world of practice which can be
policymakers or executives we have a
wide range of people we’re trying to
impact and our research helps us impact
all those audiences we want to make sure
we’re addressing the concerns of
practice and general managers and their
problems don’t respect the boundaries of
our academic disciplines so we really
engage across the boundaries of the
school the people h BS bring in new and
different ways of looking at the same
problem here you’re constantly faced
with interactions with people that have
first-hand experience of what happens
within organizations and it is
fascinating I’ve been doing this type of
research now for more than 30 years from
well past our normal retirement age but
this work is just so rewarding and
that’s enough to keep me off the golf
course our mission is to educate leaders
to make a difference in the world how do
you do that you
got to bring them new valid ideas that
are useful to them and research produces
those ideas those insights so without
research we literally could not fulfill
the mission you would not have the
insights we need to educate leaders